I would like to thank the following people for their invaluable help and support:

Comic Art Europe and The Jaffe Center for Book Arts, who gave me the freedom to explore my creative ideas;

The entire Lyon BD team, especially Nicolas, Lisa and Rebecca;

Julien Limonne, who created the music for the concert;

The Miercuri Hangout crew who had to endure my constant wailing and endless concept questioning and who patiently offered guidance and wise advice every step of the way;

Paula Rusu, who supervised my card-design attempts and suggested the fonts for the card deck;

Ludo Cards, who magically still had a stock of card-printing-paper at discount price, and who got everything ready in two weeks;

My parents, who introduced me to fairy-tales, mythology and Shakespeare at a young age

And all the kind strangers who stumbled upon my work in progress and offered words of encouragement.

Maria Surducan